Newsletter – April 2020

Thinking Ahead – Accounting for Loan Losses During and After Covid-19 One of the many challenges posed by the current health crisis is the need for lenders to reassess their borrowers’ ability to repay their loans. While it may seem unfair, or even unseemly, to have to address this issue at this time, financial institutions… Continue reading Newsletter – April 2020


FC Yale 4Levers dig flyer April 1 2020 with Schedule ATEPPER

Newsletter – March 2019

New Revenue Recognition Standard (ASC 606) – Practical applications within the software industry Chip Steppacher, Director, CFO Consulting Partners Overview¬† Revenue recognition within the software industry has generally been a complex topic with many industry-specific standards and interpretations. With this new single revenue recognition standard (ASC 606) replacing the industry-specific standards, the software industry has… Continue reading Newsletter – March 2019

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