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  • Best Prepare Your Manufacturing Business for Sale

    January 19 , 2024

    About 25% of the manufacturing workforce is 55 or older and thinking more and more about one thing with each passing day: getting out. Are you one of them? Given the number of small business owners reportedly looking to flip..

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  • Forensic Oversight: How CFOs Curtail White-Collar Crime

    November 15 , 2023

    By Meryl Ravitz Chief Financial Officers are well-positioned to put a dent in the ongoing trend of white-collar crime. Overall, 90% of significant thefts come from employees. The average embezzlement loss costs $357,650 and the average company fraud case involving..

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  • Three-Part Process: How CFOs Shore Up Finance Teams for Private Equity Resell

    October 19 , 2023

    (This story originally appeared in By Tim Jung As CFO, you have 60 months before the private equity firm sells your company again. And the newly installed CEO doesn’t like the company’s reports. Maybe the reporting isn’t timely or..

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  • Contribution Margin: Why Profit Planning Matters for Manufacturers

    October 17 , 2023

    By Jeffrey Appleman Manufacturers are focused on sales—not cost or profit. If they were keen on net income, manufacturers would know one key data point: contribution margin. Once you know it, the possibilities are endless for growth, sustainability and efficiency...

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  • Are De Novo Banks Ready for a Comeback?

    September 19 , 2023

    (This story originally appeared in Exit Planning Exchange.) By Eric Segal The banking landscape has consolidated in the last three years. Maybe it was runaway inflation that caused cost-cutting branch closings. Or it was bigger banks gobbling smaller banks for..

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  • Short-List KPIs: Why Manufacturers Need More Than Historic Data

    August 24 , 2023

    (This story originally appeared in Manufacturing Dive) By Chris Delaney When it comes to managing their business, manufacturers need much more than historical financials to project their future revenue, profitability and liquidity. Historic numbers simply capture what has happened in..

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