Cash Flow – We Want to Help you

We hope you and your family are well during this Covid-19 event.

From a business perspective, it is likely that almost all companies will suffer reduced sales and cash flow. Cash is often said to be king, and this crisis is reinforcing that idea.

At CFO Consulting Partners, a senior-level financial management firm comprised mostly of former CFOs and Controllers, we are here to help. We often work with companies on cash flow issues. Our cash flow work includes working with the various cash flow technical tools that assist companies with forecasting, payments management and collection techniques.

We would be pleased to assist your company with questions on new emergency government regulations, on cash flow or other business issues resulting from this crisis on a no obligation, complimentary call. To take advantage of this offer, please complete the questionnaire which can be found here.


Allan Tepper
David DeMuth
Eric Segal