Biweekly Newsletter – Technology Transformation

Streamlining financial control and reporting is crucial for a company’s success and ability to drive change. How robust is your accounting system? Below are recently published articles related to ERP Software: Does your company need an ERP system? Glenn Tyndall in “The Real Cost of an Enterprise Resource Planning System” defines an ERP system as… Continue reading Biweekly Newsletter – Technology Transformation

Biweekly Newsletter – Fintech in 2019

Following the trend of our latest newsletter, AI and Machine Learning, this newsletter will focus on the growth of FinTech in 2019. Deloitte defines financial technology (“FinTech”) as “digital innovation in the financial sector. At its inception, the understanding of FinTech was limited to innovative ways of facilitating payments and transactions. Underpinned by revolutionary shifts… Continue reading Biweekly Newsletter – Fintech in 2019

Biweekly Newsletter – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning has the potential to disrupt every industry. A computer’s ability to iterate through data and solve complex mathematical calculations is developing rapidly with improved processing speeds and data storage. SAS Insights defines machine learning as “a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of artificial intelligence based… Continue reading Biweekly Newsletter – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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