4 Ways CFOs Put Time On Their Side

By Allan Tepper, Co-founder and Senior Managing Partner, CFO Consulting Partners LLC You practically pulled an all-nighter. And now, you stand before the board to deliver the annual report. But your presentation is met with stares, not applause. More questions than answers. For most CFOs, time can feel like the enemy. Unfortunately, that’s not 100%… Continue reading 4 Ways CFOs Put Time On Their Side

Audit Stress? 7 Ways to Find Relief

We used to sit in that chair. Our team, which includes former CFOs and controllers, understands the angst that comes with an audit. We’ve lived through the pain and scrutiny. You’re going to need unchallengeable numbers to be audit ready. That’s how we’ve been able to help small and midsized companies—for more than 15 years—across… Continue reading Audit Stress? 7 Ways to Find Relief

Where Did My Cash Go?

By: Allan Tepper Ever ask yourself, “Where did my cash go? I am profitable and yet my bank account is scraping bottom. The answer may be because non-income items are draining your cash. These can come from capital improvements, sluggish cash receipts from sales, too quickly paying accounts payable, and many other reasons. On the… Continue reading Where Did My Cash Go?

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