Newsletter – October 2010

CFO Consulting Partners in the News

First National Bank of Chester County (West Chester, PA): Eric Segal was recently named the Interim CFO and Principal Accounting Officer for this $1.3 billion bank. Some of Eric’s principal roles are to restate and/or issue applicable SEC reports (such as 10-Q’s, 10-K’s) and to produce documents that meet certain bank regulatory requirements. First Chester is in the process of merging with Tower Bancorp. “Being an interim CFO for a company in the process of being acquired is a typical role provided by CFO Consulting Partners,” says Eric. See for more information.

NYS Society of CPAs (NYSSCPAs): Allan Tepper has been named Chairman of the Banking Committee of the NYSSCPAs for the 2010/2012 years. Allan has been a member of the NYSSCPAs for over 25 years and a Banking Committee member since 2008. Please visit for more information.

Financial Executives Networking Group: Marc Engel has been named Chairman of the Internal Audit Special Interest group. He was previously Chairman of the Litigation Services Committee at the New York State Society of CPAs. See for more information.

AccountingWeb: Marc Palker has recently written an article, “A day in the Life of an Interim CFO” that was published in the Marc covers such topics as SEC reporting, cash management, and biggest challenges. See for more information.

Accountant/Attorney Networking Group: On Thursday October 14, 2010, Marc Palker was elected Executive Vice President of this group. This is a networking group for Accountants and Attorneys. See for more information.