Middle Market Mergers and Acquisitions

Jeff Appleman of CFO Consulting Partners joins the New York Business Brokerage Group Webinar Series on Middle Market Mergers & Acquisitions.

New York is at the epicenter of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the U.S.. Across the state, residents are sheltering-in-place and dealing with the health and finance issues posed by the pandemic. Business owners, meanwhile, continue to wrestle with the devastating economic consequences of the pandemic. Many have spent time applying for relief from the government, cutting staff and expenses, and assessing how to ensure the survival of their companies.

This has had a profound impact on mergers and acquisitions activity, which has taken a backseat to other, more pressing matters. As the pandemic continues, however, middle market businesses may eventually have to buy, sell, or merge with other businesses to preserve the value of their companies.

As the crisis continues, businesses may need additional strategies to preserve the value of their firms. One such strategy is to sell or merge their business. But that is not easy to do in the best of circumstances, much less during a crisis.

We will discuss this in our upcoming webinar:
Exit Planning Primer: Options on exiting your business on your terms.

Please join Kyle Griffith, CBI Managing Partner of The NYBB Group as he moderates a discussion for Business Owners on Exit Planning. Kyle and other industry advisory leaders will be providing information on how to exit a business; which options are available and how to prepare.

Joseph Milizio, Esq. – Managing Partner of Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP
Austin Bransgrove, RICP®, CExP™, Managing Associate, Wealth Advisory Group LLC
Stephen A. White, CVA, Founder and Managing Partner of Onyx Partners Group
Jeffrey Appleman, CPA of CFO Consulting Partner