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Manufacture Peak Profitability

Contribution Margin:
Why It’s the Magic Number for Manufacturing Growth

What should your contribution margin be so everyone -
including you - gets paid?

Manufacturers too often prioritize sales over costs and profits. But understanding the contribution margin -
a key financial metric - can unlock new opportunities for growth. Jeffrey Appleman, Director at CFO Consulting Partners, explains how this key figure can help transform your manufacturing operations.

What You'll Learn:

• The Importance of Contribution Margin: Why this metric is important for assessing profitability and strategic decision-making.

• Cost Management Insights: How a detailed understanding of costs at a manufacturing firm led to key pricing and operational changes.

• Profit Planning Strategies: How to optimize operations to turn profit hopes into planned goals.

Free Analysis

The Importance of Contribution
Margins in Manufacturing

Discover how understanding your contribution margin can drive growth in manufacturing
by shifting your focus from sales to costs and profits.

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