Stage Your Comeback

CFO Consulting Partners Converts Today’s Vulnerability into Tomorrow’s Strength

It’s not just you. All businesses encounter challenging, distressing moments.

Maybe it’s a one-time disruptive occurrence. Perhaps it’s an industry downtown or operational strain.

Regardless, one thing is for sure: Nothing is certain—except our services to you.

CFO Consulting Partners is a senior-level financial management and consulting firm led by a team of former Big Four experts with Fortune 500 experience and controllers with deep, proven experience in reliving financial and operational distress, improving liquidity and enhancing working capital.

Our hands-on approach to restructurings, turnarounds and performance improvement initiatives in challenging times like these drives measurable results, preserves value and reduces risk.

See what our battle-tested services in liquidity, debt capital management and crisis management can do to help you retake control of your company and restore its financial equilibrium.

Service Offerings

  • Turnaround & restructuring
  • Liquidity and cash flow analysis
  • Working & debt capital advisory
  • Bankruptcy reporting and consulting
  • Crisis and reputation management
  • Operational efficiency improvements
  • Strategic business planning
  • Stakeholder management
  • Turn Around Your Company in Times of Volatility

    Spearhead a successful turnaround or restructuring during volatile market conditions and minimize business disruptions. With our expert guidance on stabilizing finances and operations, all parties are reassured that proactive steps are continuously being taken to improve cash flow, financial structure, liquid assists and value while reducing liabilities.

  • Expand Your Liquidity and Cash Flow

    Quickly find the liquidity you need—even after your credit lines get pulled. Our liquidity management services include tried-and-true working capital methodologies and vendor management practices that help you sustain control over your short-term cash flows and forecasting while buying you time to complete your turnaround.

  • Manage Your Working Capital Needs

    Reshape your short-term portfolio of assets and liabilities. Our CFO financial management firm will accelerate your collection of receivables, eliminate slow-moving inventory and extend your payables to match your receivables, all while analyzing and improving supply chain management.

  • Modify Your Bankruptcy Requirements

    Our CFO financial consulting services will help you comply with your bankruptcy reporting requirements and work with legal to file court and lenders reports as well as SEC documentation.

  • Implement Operational Improvements

    Is everything working as it should? Find out for sure. We’ll quickly identify the drivers of inefficiency throughout your organization, then develop an improvement program that delivers more of what you need right now: cash flow and profitability.

  • Turn Your Data into a Strategic Business Plan

    Your business collects lots of information. Our strategic business planning financial consulting services turn that information into something that speaks to you, is easy to understand and helps you make the right decision the first time while maintaining fluidity and finesse.

  • Stakeholder Management

    We will engage every key financial stakeholder—banks, bondholders, asset management firms and unsecured creditors—with sustainable restructuring solutions that will restore confidence and ensure long-term growth.

  • It’s Time to Turn Things Around

    These are testing times. You need insight and expertise to gain clarity, change course and accelerate your recovery and transformation.

    Our team of CFOs with C-level and interim experience helps boards, stakeholders and leadership teams manage their crises, effect turnarounds and deliver robust restructuring programs that transform volatile and uncertain times into tomorrow’s opportunities.