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File Complete, Accurate Reports with Expert CFO Support

Reliable financial reporting leads to better business decisions and outcomes.

CFO Consulting Partners is a senior-level financial management firm composed of CFOs with Big Four and Fortune 500 experience who solve accounting and finance issues. We help clients elevate their finance operations and deliver timely and accurate financial reporting.

Service Offerings

  • Quality control reviews of financial reporting including GAAP, IFRS and SEC reports: 10-Qs, 10-Ks
  • Evaluation upgrade and implementation of internal controls for Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) and FDICIA
  • Audit readiness and accounting policies
  • Quality Assurance

    CFO Consulting Partners will ensure that all GAAP, IFRS and SEC rules have been addressed and that your company is compliant. We have experience globally and in various industries, and while practices may differ, we have you covered.

    Consistency is also an important part of delivering reliable numbers and reports. We make sure the numbers in your financial statements, footnotes and management analysis are aligned so auditors end up with more answers than questions.

  • Protect Yourself with Effective ICFR Under SOX

    Improve audit results with documented practices and procedures.

    CEOs and CFOs put their name on the line when they sign off on the company’s financial statements because faulty internal controls can ultimately lead to prosecution and fines. As a financial consulting firm, CFO Consulting Partners specializes in the development, documentation and testing of internal controls.

    Our team members include former CFOs and controllers with experience documenting policy and procedures that will allow you to substantiate every number in every financial statement to avoid onerous, time-consuming audits.

  • Reconcile IFRS, U.S. GAAP for International Companies

    Even corporate accounting comes in many languages. Fortunately, we can interpret.

    We help international companies reconcile IFRS to U.S. GAAP—or we redo the IFRS financial statements, so they are in accordance with U.S. GAAP. Our financial consultants also do the reverse for domestic companies that need financials compliant with international accounting standards.

    Either way, you will benefit from our global expertise.

    CFO Consulting Partners’ team members are former CFOs, controllers and auditors with domestic and international experience aligning financial statements with different accounting standards. From revenue recognition and lease accounting to variable interest entities, our financial management services solve audit problems by accurately interpreting the accounting rules wherever they’re written.

    Arrive at the correct answers faster with our award-winning financial consulting firm.