Is Your Back Office Falling Behind or Stuck?

Move Forward with Expert CFO Support

Change is the only constant. Sometimes, the back office can’t scale fast enough with rapid sales growth.

CFO Consulting Partners is a senior-level financial consulting firm that knows how to upgrade your accounting and finance processes to adapt to any business cycle. Our former CFOs and controllers have experience reducing deficiencies and redundancies as part of our process improvement program. A more agile, efficient back office will position the rest of the company for realized, long-term growth.

Service Offerings

  • Implement new accounting systems
  • Business process Improvement
  • Assessment of the accounting function
  • Organizational studies of finance function
  • Remake Your Accounting System

    We’ve implemented new accounting systems for various companies across many industries.

    At CFO Consulting Partners, clients profit from our experience. Often times, it begins with a new accounting system. After all, we know the steps. Our financial management firm’s consultants know how to reconcile the old system with the new one. Our specialists have the expertise to manage the data and duplicate reports to give your finance function a new start.

    We help you make better business decisions with an accounting system that improves quality, performance and profitability.

  • Rethink Your Accounting Function

    We leverage continuous process improvement to help you close your books faster with accurate numbers.

    CFO Consulting Partners examines all the components of finance, including your accounting function, to advance your company. Using Six Sigma techniques, we start with the basic questions: What is the process for closing your books or variance reporting? How do you prepare financial statements, pay your bills and collect your receivables?

    An effective accounting department depends on understanding and gaining control of three different business flows: cash flow, accounting flow and information flow. Our financial consulting firm specialists build systems and processes that bring everything together so you can move forward.

  • Reimagine Your Finance Team

    Smart finance processes and procedures begin with the right people in the right seats. We will assess your team and recommend changes that will improve the efficiency of your company.

    Do you have a CFO who started at the bottom of the organization, moving quickly from specialist to controller to the top spot in a few years? As a financial consulting firm, CFO Consulting Partners specializes in mentoring financial professionals so they can profit from our experience.

    An efficient, talented team overachieves in any business climate.