On-Demand CFO for Expanding Companies

Stand Up Your Back Offices with Expert CFO Support

Mid-sized businesses that make quick good decisions based on accurate information and sound projections come out on top.

This underscores the importance of a fractional CFO for long-term growth.

CFO Consulting Partners is a senior-level financial management firm made of former Big Four experts with Fortune 500 experience, controllers, financial executives and entrepreneurs like you. We use our experience to help owners see how money moves through their business and how their day-to-day decisions will affect cash flow in the future.

We understand the operating process and financial discipline of mid-sized companies and know how to take their opportunities to the next level.

Service Offerings

  • Establish/build accounting functions
  • Mentor CFOs and Controllers
  • Support the CEO
  • Connect with a strong network of professionals in other disciplines
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  • Build a Strong Financial Function

    To scale your business, you need consistent, repeatable financial processes that deliver timely results and accurate reporting, including insights that empower smart, informed decisions in all areas of your business.

    Starting with a clean sheet of paper, our CFO finance consulting firm can build out a fully functioning accounting system from scratch, streamlining what’s already in place while implementing new process automation that drives better results.

    Our turnkey project management offerings:

    • Identify and develop the accounting services you need.
    • Bring order, efficiency and effectiveness to current and new processes.
    • Hire the workforce required to take current or new processes to the next level.

    Move faster and more efficiently with our financial management services.

  • Find the Money You Didn’t Know You Had

    Our CFO engagement services helps your CFOs and controllers find new opportunities for productivity and efficiency improvements.

    CFO Consulting Partners’ CFO and financial consulting services provide:

    • Weekly support.
    • Hands-on review of monthly reporting and analytics.
    • Financial process management consulting.
    • Cash management.
    • Relationship liaising with high net-worth individuals, venture capital, private equity, bankers, lawyers, insurance companies, payment professionals and vendors.

    We transform your spreadsheets into trends and actionable data that will improve your company’s performance and prioritize what actions deliver the best results for long-term growth.

  • Put Your CEO in Position to Succeed

    CEOs at fast-growing companies need an agile CFO partner to be their trusted advisor, assessing exactly where their business is and where it can go next.

    For a fraction of a full-time CFO, our finance management services will provide the hands-on support and comprehensive finance and accounting services you need to ensure your CEO optimizes the company’s future, overcomes challenges and maximizes opportunities.

    Move your company faster with our fractional CFO finance management services.