Get Your Financials in Order

Save Time and Money with Fractional or Part-Time CFO, Controller

The best companies hire interim CFOs, fractional CFOs and part-time CFOs as well as controllers to do one thing: tell it how it is.

Our team of former Big Four experts with Fortune 500 experience and controllers help manage and ensure the accuracy of your accounting records and financial statements. Then we interpret the results and communicate them in a way that everyone—leadership, management, non-accountants—understands, all while advocating for strategic improvements proven to achieve your top business goals.

  • Why would I hire a fractional CFO or Controller?

    A fractional CFO or controller is a part-time or temporary financial expert that could be the cost-saving solution your organization needs to streamline your financial operations.

    Our outsourced CFO financial management firm provides Fortune 500 experience without the unnecessary full-time CFO salary, health benefits, recruiting fees and payroll taxes.

    Here are some of the most common reasons why leading midsize business owners and boards turn to fractional CFO and controller consulting services to reach their full potential:

    • Bookkeeping and accounting take too long and aren’t accurate.
    • Forecasting has become a severe challenge.
    • You need better data, faster insight and improved decision-making.
    • You’re exploring new financing options or launching new products and services.
    • Cash flow is suddenly a challenge, limiting your growth.
    • Your business plan has changed.
    • You need additional oversight or monitoring of your internal finance team.
    • You’re about to merge with another business.
    • Productivity has become a liability.
    • You’ve entered a new market.
    • New equity partners have joined.
    • You’re started raising outside equity capital.
    • You want to refinance debt or re-engineer your capital structure.

    Our dependable, fractional CFO finance management solution for mid-sized businesses serves a variety of industries. Contact us today.

  • What Fractional CFO and Controller Benefits Do We Offer?

    • Accounting & Financial Reporting

      Gain a crystal-clear picture of how your business operates. Our CFO financial management firm offers comprehensive internal financial controls and fiscal insight while identifying profitability opportunities through pricing or cost optimization.

    • Cash Flow Management

      Efficiently track the sources of cash used throughout your business by streamlining your accounts receivable and payments.

    • Performance Tracking

      With robust data collection and dynamic KPI tracking dashboards, you can unlock key insights into performance within your organization.

    • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

      Make sure your business thrives with strategic fractional CFO and controller consulting services through debt raises, equity investments and M&A.

    • Budgeting, Forecasting & Expense Control

      Improve your cash flow by implementing an efficient quarterly budgeting process and identifying cost savings opportunities

    • Entrepreneurial Leadership

      Find money you didn’t know you had by revealing new opportunities, so you can roll up your sleeves and capitalize on them.

    • Experienced Guidance

      Work with credentialed fractional CFOs and controllers with decades of experience and provide financial support to companies of all sizes.

    • Audit Readiness

      Protect your growing business by reducing the unnecessarily high costs and stress that audits can cause.

  • Why Hire Us for Your Fractional CFO or Controller Needs?

    • We’re Available When You Are

      We are responsive and accessible to the C-suite leaders, clients and businesses who need help solving complex accounting and finance problems, working side-by-side to become a reliable, integral and long-term part of their team.

    • We’re Entrepreneurs Like You

      We bring entrepreneurial and market-tested minds together, serving as an invaluable resource of subject matter experts in accounting and finance across multiple industries. We ensure your next executive conversation catalyzes growth using solid and reliable data.

    • We’ve Been There, Profited from That

      Our financial management firm of former Big Four experts with Fortune 500 experience and controllers knows what it takes to grow a company fast. They’ve done it time and again, having served in essential finance operational roles in high-growth companies in differing industries. And they can’t wait to do it for you.

    • Your Reputation Shapes Ours

      Our multifaceted strategies share one core value: We always do the right thing for our clients and ensure we never compete with referring partners.

    • You Get a Team of Fractional CFOs, Not Just One

      Do you need a fractional CFO or controller? How about both—and several of each? Our financial management firm comprises not just one experienced CFO and controller but several working together to offer time-tested, end-to-end processes from varying angles to solve your back-office needs.

  • Fortune 500 Experienced CFOs & Controllers on Demand

    Our CFO and controller services give you what you need when you need it, providing value to grow, manage and protect your company’s value cost-effectively. See for yourself today.