What Your Bank’s Finance Team Is Missing

The banking world continues to evolve.

And almost all their finance teams have a huge gaping hole.

Here’s a hint: CECL, more documentation and new transactions.

What could those three items need? More specifically, how could your finance team do a better job at managing those new demands?

A dedicated, full-time accounting policy resource could fill the gap. Keep in mind, your controller already has a day job. Accounting policy isn’t light work.

You are probably wondering, “What could we give that person to do to fill their time?”

Well, that’s why we asked Paul Karr, CPA/MAS, who is a director at CFO Consulting Partners with more than 30 years of senior leadership experience in accounting, finance and controllership as a Big 4 audit partner and controller and consultant for banks and financial services firms of various sizes.

He recently mentioned five critical tasks that a person would manage to make your team complete.

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