Biweekly Newsletter – Technology Transformation

Streamlining financial control and reporting is crucial for a company’s success and ability to drive change. How robust is your accounting system?

Below are recently published articles related to ERP Software:

  • Does your company need an ERP system? Glenn Tyndall in “The Real Cost of an Enterprise Resource Planning System” defines an ERP system as “a suite of software packages that can perform accounting, product planning and development, manufacturing, inventory management, sales management, human resources, and other business tasks,” and dives into costs of the system including:
    • Implementation
    • Training
    • Development for Customization
    • Process Redesign
    • Maintenance
    • Upgrades
    • Support
  • Eric Kimberling in “What are the Top ERP Systems for 2019” analyzes the best accounting systems for small to mid-sized companies taking into account “market share; ease of implementation; maturity, flexibility, and scalability of solutions; ease of integration to third-party systems; ease of organizational change management and training; strength of vendor ecosystem; and average time to benefits realization” to rank the best ERP Systems.
  • Lori Fairbanks in “Best Accounting Software and Invoice Generators of 2019” evaluates affordable, easy-to-use accounting programs designed for startup and small companies summarizing pros and cons for over 30 different systems.

CFO Consulting Partners does not endorse any particular accounting system nor does our firm have any connection, direct or indirect with any particular software developer or value-added reseller. We do assist companies in evaluating its financial management needs and in recommending a best fit. Please feel free to reach out to Allan Tepper, Senior Managing Director, at (646) 650-2028 x701, or by email at

By Zach Gould, CFO Consulting Partners