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A Seven-Year Run: How SaaS Founders Prepare For Exit

For the last seven years, the SaaS market has grown—18% annually—while 99% of organizations are using at least one cloud solution to drive demand.

So today might be the time for SaaS founders to cash out.
But wait a minute.

Is your financial house in order? Does your company story illicit more offers—or questions?

In the world of SaaS, there are several key performance indicators. And you must know how your company stacks up against those numbers before you try to exit.

What’s the gross margin for an average SaaS company? What’s a good churn rate? In terms of private valuations, what’s the multiple?

The market would like to know.

That’s why CFO Magazine asked us for our expertise. So did the Exit Planning Exchange.

When members of the media ask us for the latest insight about SaaS companies, we ask CFO Consulting Partners’ Tom Aiken to help. He supports the firm’s software technology practice.

Tom also has experience in electronics manufacturing, nonprofit, medical devices, cleantech, advanced materials, heavy manufacturing, social media and telecommunications. He has more than 25 years of financial experience as a CFO of public and venture-backed companies as well as a trusted business consultant of private businesses and nonprofit organizations. He also has experience in developing strategic plans, budgets, financial policies, procedures and internal controls; providing interim support of accounting and finance organizations; directing audit preparation, systems implementation and refinancing of projects. Tom has also assisted in IPO preparation, investor due diligence, raising capital, liaison with banks and investors, and financial and operational assessments. Additionally, he has been involved in various turnarounds.

Our growing team includes former CFOs, controllers and auditors who understand where you are in the business cycle because they used to sit in a similar seat. We share our experience so you can profit from it. We help companies across many verticals, including banking, fintechs and technology just to name a few.

CFO Consulting Partners is comprised of a team of senior financial executives. We provide a broad range of financial management services to public and private companies. We work for CEOs, CFOs, as well as audit committees and boards. Our mission is to apply our consultants’ considerable collective experience to resolve client issues in a professional and efficient manner.

Are you looking to grow, buy or sell? Are you a CEO, board member or private equity firm in need of CFO services?

Whether you are looking for expertise on how to find better cash flow and margins, build toward the future, mitigate inflation, divest or cash out, we are ready to help.

Contact us today!

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