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Day One: What Manufacturers Must Do For Looming Recession

The numbers don’t look good for manufacturers.

We’ve already experienced two quarters with declining gross national product. Supply-chain problems and labor shortages may suggest a price bump to pass along to your customers, but the Fed keeps raising interest rates.

Don’t be surprised if we have entered the beginnings of a credit squeeze.

If manufacturers are feeling the pain today, the next six months are going to leave a mark.
Halloween is over, but the fear is growing. Starting now, you have a short period of time to make a series of moves to protect your company and its assets.

We can help.

In a recent blog post, “5 Accounting ‘Turnarounds’: How Manufacturing Fends Off Credit Squeeze,” we share a short-list of activities that you need to consider, so you can mitigate the unexpected.
We share our experience and expertise on several important timely topics:
• Plan Ahead Before It’s Too Late
• Access Working Capital Before Your Need It
• Review Pricing
• Closely Track Costs and Margins
• Turn Data Into Dollars

At CFO Consulting Partners, our team includes former CFOs and controllers who have sat in that chair. We get it. In fact, we know manufacturers from the inside out.

That’s how we’ve been able to help small and midsized companies—for more than 15 years—across many industries. Our expertise can help you address an existing pain point—or prevent one.
Let us help you minimize any uncertainty in this choppy economic climate.

Contact us today!

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