Biweekly Newsletter- Trends for 2019

CFO Consulting Partners first wants to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! As we look forward towards any New Year, it is important to think about what new trends could be impacting your business.

Below are multiple articles related to small business trends of 2019:

-As with almost any new year, there are a great deal of technological trends that small businesses need to be aware of, if they are going to stay up to date in today’s adaptive climate. Jared Hetcht lists five technology trends for businness owners to look out for in his article, titled “5 Technology Trends Small Businesses Should Consider in 2019.”

-In David Abramson’s article, titled “4 Workplace Trends Every Small Business Should Know About for 2019,” begins to touch on a fact many business owners haven’t thought about; Gen Zers are about to enter the workforce. Accompanied with Gen Zers entering the workforce, the use of AI technology and remote work will increasingly become the norm for many small businesses.

-In 2019, the most predominant marketing tool, social media, will continue to grow and adapt as the media channels change. Dialogfeed published an article, titled “How to Adjust Your Small Business to Changing Social Media in 2019,” to help small business owners keep up in 2019.

By Peyton Wille, CFO Consulting Partners