Biweekly Newsletter- Outsourcing Trends

Following up our last biweekly newsletter on cybersecurity, we will be focusing this newsletter on outsourcing trends. Currently, more and more sectors of companies are being outsourced.

Below are multiple articles related to outsourcing trends:

-Greg Digneo, wrote an article, titled “Business Process Outsourcing: 7 Trends to Expect in 2018,” that provides hypotheses about expected trends for business process outsourcing companies. Of the seven trends he discussed, one that I found very interesting was that BPOs are becoming more transparent which in turn is beneficial for the relationship between the BPOs and vendors.

-To look at the future of outsourcing, the company, Flatworld Solutions, recently published an article, titled “Future Outsourcing Trends for 2020.” One of the interesting future trends that was mentioned in this article was that as more businesses move towards the use of cloud storage, companies will be outsourcing this need.

-Earlier this year Anna Frazzetto wrote an article, titled “Outsourcing In The New Normal: Three Trends Reshaping The Global Industry” that discussed three interesting trends in modern outsourcing. The three trends leading to an increasing number of outsourcing that were discussed was the fear of being penalized by the government, a need for bleeding-edge skills, and the rise of referral power.

By Peyton Wille, CFO Consulting Partners