Biweekly Newsletter- Entrepreneurship

We are going to begin to send out a biweekly newsletter on various topics that relate to business, accounting, finance, etc… Within these biweekly newsletters, we will provide links to interesting articles that pertain to each newsletter’s topic.

The topic of for this newsletter is Entrepreneurship:

-During our current digital age, some fear that entrepreneurship has grown increasingly difficult. Rhett Power speaks about the increasing amount of passion and determination needed for modern entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams in his article titled “Is Entrepreneurship Getting Harder? 5 Ways to Be Successful in the Digital Age.”

-One part of entrepreneurship that no one likes to speak about is when it becomes necessary for the entrepreneur to drop the business after countless hours of handwork. Caitlin Kelly shines light on this occurrence through multiple case studies in her article titled “For Entrepreneurs, a Tough Moment: The Pivot.”

-For the final article, Jamie O’Banion, a role-model to young female entrepreneurs everywhere, provides her own personal success story in her article titled “The Boss: Jamie O’Banion Is About to Sell $100M in Beauty Products.”

By Peyton Wille, CFO Consulting Partners