Newsletter – June 2018

Eight Red Flags that your Board Financial Package is Failing to Support Board Needs Allan Tepper, CFO Consulting Partner LLC One of the goals of boards is to oversee the financial performance of the company or companies to which they are associated. Informative, transparent financial statements are necessary for boards to discharge those duties. If… Continue reading Newsletter – June 2018

Newsletter – May 2018

Is Your Finance Department a Cost or Profit Center? Allan Tepper, CFO Consulting Partner LLC To begin, I will define cost and profit centers, using my definition developed after leading accounting and finance functions for over twenty-five years. Cost centers need to be efficient and be doing critically important tasks. From a company perspective, cost… Continue reading Newsletter – May 2018

Newsletter – April 2018

Case Study: Financial Transformation BACKGROUND Engaged by a service provider (a boutique law firm) that had been in business for approximately 18 months. Firm was highly successful on the legal side but was immature on the operations/business process side. In 18 months, firm had had three Chief Operating Officers, all from “Big Law” and all… Continue reading Newsletter – April 2018

Newsletter – March 2018

The CECL Approach, 3 of 3 For this newsletter CFO Consulting Partners has partnered with Ardmore Banking Advisors to review the potential material financial benefits of a well planned and executed implementation of the new current expected credit loss (“CECL”) accounting standard. Most banks have an awareness of the need to prepare for the transition… Continue reading Newsletter – March 2018

Newsletter – February 2018

A.M. Best Updates Its Rating Methodologies and Capital Model Marc Liebowitz, CFO Consulting Partner LLC A.M. Best (AMB) recently revised its rating methodologies, most of the changes relate to updated procedures and the underlying analytical components have generally remained in place. The below videos provide an overview of the methodology updates: “A.M. Best’s Mosher: Methodology… Continue reading Newsletter – February 2018

Newsletter – January 2018

Implementations of the New Lease Standards Under the ASC 842 Mark Sloan, CPA, CFO Consulting Partners On February 25, 2016, the FASB issued new guidelines under ASC Section 842 regarding the recognition and financial reporting of leases. The new standard will impact both lessees and lessors, with the most significant impact falling upon lessees. The… Continue reading Newsletter – January 2018

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